The final build

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Jul 312009


The final build


Today we finished all the building involved in the square foot garden.  The actual frames where super easy.  Sliding the conduits onto the rebar was a bit trickier.  The rebar were not completely straight, so there was some hammering involved which meant the elbow fasteners was a bear to get back on.  But we did it.  One trellis has a little lean to it, but that’s ok.  We also  mulched, mulched, mulched  like a mofo.   All that is left is to plant the seed.



Hope I can actually GROW stuff.  We’ll see

Jul 302009

  Here’s a link to my old blog.  Same post as below, but with pictures  (WORDPRESS IS ACTING WONK)

The start of my Square Foot Garden



“Man!  It would be so cool to have a veggie garden” 


I’ve been saying that for years.  Ever since I got hitched and moved into my husband’s house.  It has an incredible yard.  And I am told by my mother in law that  it was a tropical paradise before my husband  got his hands on it.  The house was bought from the widow of a man who loved gardening and all that HGTV stuff.  There are still tools in the garage.  The lady pretty much gave it all to my husband.  Through no fault of his  new just-out-of-college-now-have-a full-time-job status, hubby was really not concerned with lawn and garden upkeep.



We would talk about what we were going to do with the yard.  Then we would get too busy, or it would be too hot, or we flat out forgot about it.  Every now and then the bug would bite and I would go into full gardening research mode.  I’d get all excited.  Then I’d get overwhemled at the mere thought of all the work. I’d give up.



But this time around, I got my act together. After researching different techniques, I decided on The Square Foot Gardening Method.  THEN  I actually bought seeds.  Money has left my pockets, so I HAVE to do it now.   I also bought a book on gardening in Florida.



Oh, did  I mention I know next to NOTHING about gardening.? No?  Well I don’t.  I’m relying on the Internet and books to Gump my way through this.  Speaking of the net, OMG I found The Garden Girl site.  I LOVE her.  Every time I go to her site I feel inspired.  I just want to raised chickens and make hummus from scratch.



According to Gardening in Florida book, the next time I was to start my major planting would be August.  Starting some seeds for transplant in Mid-July.  So I had about two months to get it together.  We went to The Home Depot  to buy all the supplies (A place I had only gone into about 5 times in my pre-married  years and most of those, I was just tagging along)  .  My plan was to clear the area, build the boxes, fill them with the Mel’s Mix mid-July  so when planting season started all I would have to do is plant.



Yeah…. that didn’t happen. Well, not really.  I did start clearing out the area.  We have a lot of ginger creeping around and I had to dig it all out.  Then, it just got hot.  So, in true “me”  fashion, I waited to the last minute to finish everything.  And that minute was today.


After I’m done planting my veggies, my next project will be to pave this area:

Herb Garden

I want to pave this area and plant herbs in containers. Heck, I may even put a chair out here so I can enjoy the view