My first sewing project

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Jan 262010

After years of daydreaming, I’ve decided to learn to sew.  I got my mom’s old  Singer Athena 2000 from the 70’s in working order.  I had to buy replacement  feet because she had no idea where the originals went.  My mom is not much of a sewer. In fact I’ve never seen her sew.  She made one thing with this machine.

I thought about buying a new machine, but I think the quality of this old horse would be better than any new one I could afford.

Anyhoo.  I made a pillowcase using a pattern from the book “Sew Fast Sew Easy”  by Elissa Meyrich.  A Christmas present from my hubby. I also own  “sewing for Dummies” and The vogue sewing book.


I made it for my 3-year-old son.  He was so happy.  “I love you, Mommy.  I like my pillow. You are a good maker”

Starting Over

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Jan 262010

My garden is not doing so hot.  Three reasons  1. I’ve been busy  2. I didn’t use anything to ward off the critters  3.  We had a major cold snap.

I shall begin again