The Dawn of a New Day

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Feb 292012

Hello.  Howdy. What’s up.   And welcome. I am a googler.  It’s how I learn how to do new crap, like gardening and sewing and how to NOT pay $80 to replace an  Ipod battery by installing it  myself.


Though helpful, my love of googling sometimes gets in the way of the actual doing. Twice I have tried my hand at gardening.  I even had a gardening blog.   (which I wanted to import the pages into this one but couldn’t figure it out.  Not enough googling I suppose).  But bugs  went at them and everything died.


SO I’m starting that again


I also want to become a better sewer, so that I can up my cosplay game at DragonCon this year.   I went in 2010 and managed to Forrest Gump my way into making a corset.  Before that, I had only sewn a pillow for my son (Thanks Google).


So I plan on using this blog as a way to keep myself honest.  To stay on track.


Maybe. I hope.