Jun 282012

Mission complete. And only one day after getting started

My arm hurts from slinging a mallet.  My fingers hurt from accidentally hitting them with said mallet.  But, I did it!  Not gonna lie, I’m real proud-like of myself.


Google is my BFF!


To recap, this was my inspiration

From etsy site Misfit Leather


And this is what I googled my way into making

Harness Front



Harness Back

I buckled the front unevenly, thus the appearance of being crooked. I almost gave myself a heart attack.



I will allow myself a little time for a “Yay Me” dance.  But I still have TONS to do for my steampunk bounty hunter.  Leggings (never done before),  Bolero jacket (never done before) which I will be altering the pattern to add puffed sleeves (never done before) and a corset, (Which I HAVE done before, but not this type)  AND, I really want to learn how to use my serger.


Google, don’t fail me now.



  2 Responses to “Steampunk Bounty Hunter: Googling My Way Through a Leather Steampunk Harness Part Two”

  1. […] all for now.  Next up will be the building of the harness. Part Two  Posted by Miss Tre at 8:53 pm  Tagged with: Dragoncon, harness, leather, sewing, […]

  2. Yay you! Considering how expensive harnesses are ($200, really!?!!) I bet you save yourself a boatload. Plus now you can make more when you want them.

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