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Why couldn’t a Singer dressform (usually on sale for $99 every two weeks) be enough for me? Noooooooo. I had to have one  that was exactly my shape.


I did a LOT of research. (SURPRISE) and when the dust settled, I decided on the My Twin Dressform   Basically, you make a plaster cast of yourself and fill it with two parts polyurethane foam.  I opted to buy only the instruction booklet and buy the supplies elsewhere.

I enlisted my husband, bless him, to be the official body wrapper.  I can be high maintenance and bossy as all get out. and he has a tendency of not paying attention.  So, unless your relationship is solid and your love is deep, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. Hahah I am pretty  sure there are many a craft related  break-up.


Attempt #1:  Clusterf*ck :  DO NOT use plaster bandages from craft stores. NO NO NO NO.  When I was cut out of it, I could tell it was weak.  Plus there were holes.  I knew I had to be bandaged again.  I also took the advice of wearing heels while being wrapped.  I tend  to wear high-ish heels in life.  Standing still in heels made me mean, real mean.  Which lead to the second attempt.

Plaster wrapWeak







Attempt #2: Close but no cigar:  I decided to make a duct tape form then wrap that in plaster.  That way I could take my time and make a good cast and not worry about standing still.  I also used medical grade plaster.  The cast came out pretty good, BUT it was about 2 inches too big all around. Boo.

Duct tape prepDuct tape wrapPlaster duct prepDuct plaster















Attempt# 3:  I Think this is it:  I happened upon a recent youtube video on someone making a plaster dressform. Holla.  It was so inspiring !



So instead of wrapping myself in plastic, I opted to slather Vaseline on my body and apply the bandages directly.  I also, as they did in the video, did the front and the back without actually connecting. (Sorry, no pictures of the foaming process.  I had my hands full)



SandedStandBootleg standCovered















(The photo of the completed project was taken at an angle, so it’s not as crooked as it seems)

I’m very happy with it.  It’s not perfect. I was not completely straight.  But, for the most part I consider it a success.


Here is a rundown of my FINAL supplies.


Vaseline (If you are not wrapping yourself in a bag from the cleaners)

Medical grade plaster bandages. OCL bought from ebay    (15 roles was more than enough for me. I’m 5’1 110lbs)

Mold release agent  Green Tincture Soap  Amazon.com

Tarp or garbage bags.

A  very patient wrap buddy



Polyurethane 3 lb. Rigid Foam, 2 Qt, Set bought from Douglas and Sturgess




1 PVC connector

3 t-shaped PVC connectors

24 inches PVC pipe (for base)

4  8 1/2 inch PVC

2  6 1/2 inc PVC



Jersey knit (for me: 12 inch wide sewed into a tube with drawstring casing on bottom, then fitted to form)

1/8 inch ribbon

flat head pins.


Websites that helped A LOT



hell, just google 🙂

But I do advise getting the Instruction Booklet from My Twin


WHEW!!!  On to the next project.  I’m still going to make all my DragonCon costumes, even though I’m no longer going.  I also want to start making retro inspired dresses. *Happy Dance*




  23 Responses to “Dressform: Googling my way through a DIY custom dressform.”

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  3. Hi, I’m in the process of buying all the stuff I need to make my dressform. (I saw your blog and knew it was the way that I wanted mine. And you explanation, with the photos and vidéo, make it quiet complete.) But, by any chance, do you remember what size of bandages you were using (3″, 4″, or larger?) And… Do you have any recommendations to give me?

    • Sorry, so late in reply. For the longest time I was just getting spam, so when I see I have comments pending I assume that’s what it is. ANywhoo.. 🙂

      I don’t remember the size, sorry. 🙁 Stand still. That’s my advice. (Although you probably already did your form by now lol)

  4. What is the green soap tincture for? After which point in the process do you use it?

    Ty ty ty ty for doing all the different dress forms and giving your opinion, as a fellow perfectionist, I like to know the “best” way the first time and you saved me a lot of trouble.

  5. what plaster did you use to put the bandages on with?

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  8. You are awesome.

    Any reason you eschewed the bag for Vaseline? And did you ruin your undergarments? I see you didn’t connect the front and back. Others cut out along the sides. Any insight looking back in hindsight?

    Hope you’re still sewing.

    • I used old undergarments, so I just threw them away. As far as cutting, I think I was following the directions that was sent to me.

      Hindsight: It was a fun project. Pateince is key. The directions said to wear shoes you normally wear. Standing still and wearing heels was less than joyful. ahaha

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  10. Thanks for this. I want to try it. I did a duct tape form and filled it with shredded newspapers. She keeps listing and the pins keep getting gummed up. will try this.

  11. You recommend getting the instructions from My Twin Dressform but the link I had for mytwindressform.com pulled up nothing and Google only picked up references to it but not a link. Have you got a working link?

    And did you keep track of the cost of all your supplies? I wonder what the final cost was to you?

    Thanks for posting this–the photos and your description of potential problems was good. And your link to the video of making the cast is really helpful. Thank you!

    • I did a Google search, and it appears that the company is no more. As for the cost, I’m sooo sorry, I can’t remember :(. I do recall getting a good deal on the tape on ebay. I believe I bought the rest on Amazon.

      I actually just finished a Uniquely You form. Can’t wait to try it out.

  12. Do you happen to still have the instructions from my twin dressform? Is there a way you can post what they said? Thank you!

  13. Thanks! From a fellow perfectionist who researches everything trying to make the “best” version, this method explained so well is a lot of help! Has the dress form been as useful as you thought it would be? You should compare the Uniquely You form to yours when it is finished, I’d be interested in the differences. I’m bummed to learn the “My Twin Dressform” company has gone! Would you be willing to sell your copy of the “My Twin Dressform” booklet?

    • I was never thrilled with the outcome of my form. I’ve actually finished my UY. I love it!! Als, I have no clue where my booklet is. sorry.

  14. I read you said you were never really happy with the last dress form you made with this plaster/foam method. Can I ask what you were unhappy with? Was it too rigid, not sturdy enough, off-size, etc.? I’m curious because I was going to make my own form soon, and this method seems the most economical for the fit. Also, this method would seem to be perfect for arm and leg forms (hubby isn’t prone to standing still for multiple fittings for mecha arms).

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