Jul 072013

Mirror Universe Uhura is near completion. It’s not perfect. But it’s mine. 🙂 I search high and low for a pattern. No such luck. So I had the daunting task of drafting one myself. So, yup, full Google mode.

One Youtube channel that helped me was Secret Life of a Bio Nerd . She has a drafting tutorial for a tank top and a high low skirt. Both proved extremely helpful.

The skirt took me a few tries. It was coming out as a form-fitting high low pencil skirt. I probably didn’t spread out the pattern enough. So I just decided to draft the front of an A-line skirt, place a piece of paper over that and draw out the back. It took a minute, but eventually I had the shape that I wanted

I found the sash on Ebay. I’m waiting for the Mirror Universe insignia, which should be here tomorrow. Also need for find the jewelry.

It was also the first time I actually used my serger. I’ve had it for about two years. It skerd me. But now…LOVE IT.

My inspiration. The lovely Nichelle Nichols.


My costume


20130707-170819.jpg (The black on the skirt is just the elastic that flipped over)