It has Happened!!!

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Dec 232014

After years of pining over a Bernina, I finally have one to call my own. I am now the proud owner of a Bernina 560 with embroidery.

Guess who has two thumbs and don’t know how to embroider? This chick.

But, I will learn.

In addition to the presser feet that came with the machine ( #1C, #2A #3A #4 #5 and #20C) I also got the walking foot (50) ,invisible zipper foot (35), Roll and Shell Hemmer (69), 1/4 foot (37), Roller foot (51) Jean(8) , and the Edge Stitch (10)

I shall now curl up on the sofa and read the manual, and look at the machine from across the room. Slightly afraid to touch it.

BEHOLD Berta the Bernina