It has Happened!!!

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Dec 232014

After years of pining over a Bernina, I finally have one to call my own. I am now the proud owner of a Bernina 560 with embroidery.

Guess who has two thumbs and don’t know how to embroider? This chick.

But, I will learn.

In addition to the presser feet that came with the machine ( #1C, #2A #3A #4 #5 and #20C) I also got the walking foot (50) ,invisible zipper foot (35), Roll and Shell Hemmer (69), 1/4 foot (37), Roller foot (51) Jean(8) , and the Edge Stitch (10)

I shall now curl up on the sofa and read the manual, and look at the machine from across the room. Slightly afraid to touch it.

BEHOLD Berta the Bernina



Jan 252014

First off, big ups to Pinterest. I couldn’t have done it without ya, baby.

A while back, I decided to get my guest/sewing room in some working order. And I think I did a pretty good job at it.


The more projects I did, the more I realized: mo space, mo easy. And we didn’t have enough guests to warrant a queen size bed. So, I decided that instead of having a guest room that happened to be a sewing room, I wanted a sewing room that happened to be a guest room.

So, everything had to get OUT of the room.



First thing I wanted to do was rip up the carpet. It held on to thread and bits of fabric like nobody’s business. Plus, it hid pins to play a fun game called, “Let’s see if you can find pins….in your foot”.

Those carpet holding wood thingies (technical term) were no joke


Then we painted the walls. I BELIEVE was Jamaican Bay. Next, painted the floors with a cement paint. I didn’t bother smoothing out the floor. There were a few nicks. Nothing major. Also had to add baseboards.





I took the doors off the closets and put up a tension rod and curtain on one (Saves space). My sewing machine would live in the other closet.

Long story short. I love my sewing room.



Serger Nook

Laiva Desk and Alrik chair from Ikea.

Sewing closet


Chilling section

Beddinge sofa bed from Ikea

A bit of one of my favorite e.e. cummings poems. Used lowercase (not easy to find) stencils on ebay and red acrylic paint from Michael’s.

WHAT! Organized patterns. Unreal!

20140125-190509.jpg Already owned the cabinet.

Never again will I waste precious time looking for my rotary cutter, and my markers , and my rulers and….(As long as I put them BACK)

It’s basically a pegboard spray painted yellow. ūüôā It was actually longer, but when I changed the location of my table there was no way in hell I could reach the top of the pegboard, so we cut them in half. I think I will used the other one for my son’s crafty supplies so he can entertain himself while I’m sewing. (One of the reasons I wanted to chairs and a big *** table) I heart my bootleg pattern paper holder so hard.

Now my table. My awesome kick booty table. Pinterest is chock full of DIY tables and most use the Closetmaid Cubbies. I decided to use two cubbies and a large piece of wood. I bought a piece and had buyers remorse. It just didn’t seem thick enough. Then I was wandering around Home Depot (Like you do) and came across the perfect piece of wood. It was just a flat door. The exact measurements that I needed. (36×80) . I called my husband and he said sure. (Huzzah). One his way home from work, he rented a truck from Home Depot and brought the wood home. We then decided it would be the perfect time to go to Ikea, seeing that we had a truck.

I knew I wanted to decorate the top with pictures. I had no clue how to go about it. Somehow, I had NEVER heard of decoupage and some fantastic stuff called Mod Podge. I bought the HARD COAT, which is formulated for furniture. I printed the photos at Office Max (Apparently ink jet photos will run) . Applied zebra print masking tape on the edges and sprayed on a sealer.

I love old vintage photos. But rarely do I see African-Americans from the Victorian Age. You have to specifically search for Black pin-ups or old Hollywood starlets. So I decided that would be the theme of my table. I think it came out awesome.

Table storage

I went nuts at the Dollar Tree. Everything will have its place. Then I had a epiphany!!! I needed a label machine. I have never used one in my life, but I just knew I needed one. I did some research, and decided on the Brother P-Touch D200. And what do you know!? Staples had them on sale for $20. I put on my shoes and ran out the door. Sure did.

And the phrase that has saved my sewing/crafting life

Lowercase wooden letters, again, not the easiest thing to find. The Michael’s near my house had them (yippeee), but didn’t have an “l” (Boo). I went to two others in town and they didn’t have lowercase, period. I even went to a Michael’s during a trip to Atlanta (My husband was just THRILLED), no lowercase. Went back to the one near my house the day inventory came. No new “l’s”. Finally tracked down one near the Disney area. To my disappointment the “l” was the same height as the other lowercase letters. Hello!! Lowercase “l’s” have the same height as uppercase letters. I bought two, thinking I could cut and glue together. Then I thought, “eff it”.

The chairs were a Christmas present from my husband, as were the yellow curtains and pillows. He thought the yellow would look good. I love him.

Target Bookcase


So yeah….my room. My next project is to make a moulage for my Uniquely You dressform instead of trying to fit the one that it came with. There is a class on Craftsy (Pretty sure I bought it on sale) . PS I collect Craftsy classes like i’m a squirrel getting ready for winter. And have yet to complete one.



Mini Update

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Feb 062013

Let’s see….


I did not get a Bernina for $900.   I got a refurbished Janome 8050 for $199.   All in all, pretty cool little machine and my kid will still be able to eat.

My Nikon D40 (along with my Dell Mini, Kindle and all my MAC make-up) was stolen. ¬†So whenever I even thought about¬†updating¬†my blog, I thought about how I couldn’t take photos and got mad all over again. ¬†I had¬†unwarranted¬†rage towards my blog. ¬†

Starting my garden, again.  Last time I had anything really happen gardening wise was 2009.  I just imported some posts from my old blog. 

That’s about it.

The Dawn of a New Day

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Feb 292012

Hello. ¬†Howdy. What’s up. ¬† And welcome. I am a googler. ¬†It’s how I learn how to do new crap, like gardening and sewing and how to NOT pay $80 to replace an ¬†Ipod battery by installing it ¬†myself.


Though helpful, my love of googling sometimes gets in the way of the actual doing. Twice I have tried my hand at gardening. ¬†I even had a gardening blog.¬† ¬† (which I wanted to import the pages into this one but couldn’t figure it out. ¬†Not enough googling I suppose). ¬†But bugs ¬†went at them and everything died.


SO I’m starting that again


I also want to become a better sewer, so that I can up my cosplay game at DragonCon this year.   I went in 2010 and managed to Forrest Gump my way into making a corset.  Before that, I had only sewn a pillow for my son (Thanks Google).


So I plan on using this blog as a way to keep myself honest.  To stay on track.


Maybe. I hope.

Oct 042009

I really should have been updating a little more often.¬† But I’ve been super busy.¬† I have, however, been completely fascinated with the entire process of growing food.¬† I mean, it just grows out of the ground, not out of wooden crates at your local supermarket.

As I’ve stated before, I have zero green thumb.¬† My mother grew up on a farm in Texas, went to college and never looked back. (In terms of farming).¬† My dad, spent a few summers on a farm.¬† So these people¬† had NOTHING to offer.¬† ūüôā I had to use books and the net.¬† I think my plants suffered a bit, b/c¬† I never knew what could go wrong until it did.¬† My poor plants had no, as many of our citizens, preventative care.


A full view of my garden

A full view of my garden


My sweet corn doesn't seem to be producing silk

My sweet corn doesn't seem to be producing silk

The flowers open and die

The flowers open and die on pumpkin plants

flower from pumpkin plant

flower from pumpkin plant

this pumpkin stem does not look good

this pumpkin stem does not look good

The watermelon plant seems to be doing OK

The watermelon plant seems to be doing OK

Tny baby watermelon. I talk to it sometimes

Tiny baby watermelon. I talk to it sometimes


I guess it’s going to be a waiting game for these little guys.¬† My¬† cucumbers, however, have been doing great.¬† I picked my first one today.¬† Go Farmer Me.¬† Living off the fat of the land, baby!


That is the first cucumber I picked

That is the first cucumber I picked

Cucumber Baby Daddy

Cucumber Baby Daddy


first pickings

first pickings

yummy with vinegar and pepper

yummy with vinegar and pepper

I tell ya’ll what. ¬†Everyone should taste a fresh cucumber from an organic garden.