Jul 252012

I’m currently using my mom’s old Singer Athena 2000.  The woman barely used it.  She doesn’t even sew.  Iffing she did, I ain’t never seent her.  Rumor has it, she made one outfit with the Singer.  Which my dad called her $1000 outfit.  (The cost of the machine in 1978-ish)


I’ve had it serviced, repaired.. But with every project, something goes wrong, then back to the repairman.  I’m never 100% sure if it’s the machine or me.  And so, I don’t think I sew as much as I would like, due to the potential barrage of swear words that might echo through my home when my machine refuses to catch a stitch.

I really really like the machine. I think. Maybe.  Perhaps I like the fact that I didn’t pay for it (or have I?)  and it was my mother’s. Though, you know, never having memories of dear ol Mom sewing my Christmas pageant costumes or altering her old prom dress to fit me, I can’t for the life of me figure out my I’m being so nostalgic.

But Mama, (me not my mother) wants a new one, and she wants a Bernina . Real bad like.

Off to waste countless hours to find which Bernina would do me good.

Because I kind of worship Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing from afar, I was all about the Bernina 1008.  I even found a few on the ebay.  One went for about $300.  But I’m a bit weary about buying used on ebay.

So I decided to (make my husband) go (with me)  to a Bernina dealer.  There use to be one 10 minutes from my house, but they moved 30 minutes away. Boo.

Lynn was awesome.  I let her know that I didn’t need a lot of fancy fancy.  She showed me two:  the B215, ($749)  which I took for a test drive. MAN that thing purred.  (My Singer works hard and sounds slightly apologetic)  and the B330 ($949)

I’m leaning towards the 330.  I will have to save BIG TIME.