Jun 272012

One of my costumes for DragonCon 2012 is a Steampunk  Bounty Hunter.

In my hopes of hopes it will consist of:

A short stay (much like a Bra)


A bolero jacket



Leather chest Harness.


And I want to make as much as I can.


After much googling  on many many harnesses , I found my inspiration.  (Note, when you Google image, make sure you search STEAMPUNK harness,  unless you want to see some 50 Shades type of stuff)


The harness is from an Etsy  shop called Misfit Leather.  All props goes to them

I decided that I wanted only 2 rows of  buckles and I want the holes to be grommets.  (We will see if I follow through with that)

So I know what kind of harness I want.  We are all good, right?  WRONG. I’ve never made a belt and I’ve sure as shooting never worked with  leather.  I toyed with the idea of using faux leather.  (Not for moral rreasons, for I  will bite the hell out of a cow.  But I thought it would be easier and cheaper) .  But, at the end of the day, I thought leather would look better.

Off to Google making a leather belt.

I looked at a lot of stuff.  This video helped me loads.

Simple and straight to the point.

Next, Google where to and how to order leather.

After much searching I decided that Tandy Leather Factory was the place to order online. I could get everything I needed (Leather, dye, all the hardware).  My plan was to buy several inches of 1 inch wide  pre-cut straps.  The only thing, I was a bit nervous  about buying material I never felt before.  I wasn’t sure what thickness to buy, etc.  If only I could find a place nearby.

OH SNAP.  Turns out there are only four Tandy  stores in Florida and one was 15 minutes from me.  I was in my car and on my way  in 10 minutes.

My Leather Store Experience 

That place is way cool.  And the people were super helpful.  Cost-wise it was better to buy the leather in  slab.  There was sale on scrap belly leather for $9 a pop.  Two would be more than enough.  It would mean that I would have to cut the straps myself….. More adventure, and googling..

Time to make the hareness                                                                                                                                

First I made a paper pattern to determine measurements

I could have sworn I took a picture of my leather piece. Alas, it looked something like this.












I cut out several 1 inch pieces (each about 45 inches long) for the harness, as well as a 2 inch wide in case I wanted to make a belt.

After I cut the straps, I folded and twisted the leather, to give it a more worn look. Then I dyed and finished it.










I used a Crafttool Strap Cutter. It was like buttah             I used Eco-Flo Gel Antique in Mahogany and

Eco-Flo Leather Finish in Super Shene


Word to the wise, although very obvious, use gloves when dying.  For some reason, I did not.  I started to panic, “Oh crap, this dyes leather. Skin is like leather.  I’m doomed!”


No.  I googled a solution.  Lather hands with laundry detergent only (no water) then rinse. It comes off after a few rounds.


That’s all for now.  Next up will be the building of the harness. Part Two